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Success factors



Heat treatment is usually the last step in the production process. The results are influenced by many factors, such as the choice of material, the original structure, the component design, the previous mechanical processing steps and the required product characteristics. We are a specialist in this complex field. Our decades of experience in heat treatment and surface treatment processes enables us to attain the best treatment results for your components.

Project support

Our material specialists are there for you from the very start. They coordinate the requirements of your components with the optimal heat treatment process and develop custom processes and methods for you in order to ensure that you receive end products of optimal quality. This close project support is especially successful in the development of serial products – from the first sampling all the way to the production stage.


Highly qualified specialist personnel with well-founded knowledge of heat treatment are the basis of our success. The motivation, dedication and enthusiasm of our employees give you a competitive edge. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure the optimal quality of your products and trust in a spirit of cooperation that is based on common values.


Qualified employees, a comprehensive quality management system and a state-of-the-art machine park are the guarantee for consistently optimal results. As a strategic partner for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the medical and drive technology sectors, all processes within our enterprise are regularly audited and certified. But “good” is not good enough for us. We are guided by the principle of striving to exceed our own high quality requirements.