Manganese phosphating


The H+K manganese phosphating process is an optimal solution with respect to quality, costs and the environment. The process is used especially in non-cutting forming, because it reduces sliding friction during use of the components. Manufacturers of gear components benefit from the improved running-in properties achieved with the phosphating process. The process is also used as an economical alternative for increasing corrosion protection in mass-produced parts.

In the phosphating process, microcrystalline, water-insoluble phosphates are produced on the metal surfaces. The phosphate layer enables optimal absorption behaviour for oils, waxes, coloured pigments and paints, and therefore provides good corrosion protection and a base surface for paint and lacquer coats.


  • Improved anti-frictional properties
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Good absorption of anti-corrosive oils and paints
  • Good insulation resistance