Vacuum hardening


Vacuum hardening is a very cost-effective, eco-friendly and efficient process that is suitable especially for components that are sensitive to distortion and that require a bare metal surface. In addition, the precisely controllable treatment parameters of the vacuum heat treatment process produce highly reproducible results under identical conditions (material, component, pre-treatment). This process is therefore ideal for large series production, but also for high-quality single components with stringent requirements.

H+K Härte- und Oberflächentechnik specialises in vacuum hardening. With our comprehensive ultra-modern machine park and our qualified employees we guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards, such as those required in the automotive industry. Our special processes enable us to treat low-alloyed tool steels in a vacuum.


  • High dimensional stability, low distortion
  • Bare metal surfaces
  • Oxidation- and decarburization-free surface zones
  • Minimal internal stress, long life
  • Highly consistent quality and reproducibility
  • Very eco-friendly process