Project support

Project engineering

If your component is exposed to extreme conditions, if special materials are used or if a component with complex geometry is to be mass-produced, engineering at the component level is necessary. For us, that means we optimise every process step and every influencing factor to the required product characteristic the required cost effectiveness. In order to achieve that we develop solutions for individual charging concepts, which are usually automated and contactless. In addition, we take care of the logistical requirements and solve problems involving distortion or wear. In every phase our customers can rely on cooperation with experienced material specialists.

The result is a process that is customised for the serial product. An advantage that you will appreciate in the form of consistently high quality and convincing cost advantages when production starts up.


As part of our consulting services our experts can help you to implement specific component optimisations. First, in a joint workshop, all process requirements are examined. Experienced material engineers then develop an optimisation concept. This concept includes the heat treatment combination, the charging technology, the furnace charge and the quality assurance process. We also conduct a risk analysis for you. The result you receive is a detailed recommendation for optimising your component.